The History Trail

History Trail

The trail was established in 2011 to tell the story of this 3,000+ acre island. Its creation seemed an appropriate way to honor those who lived here before us. The path connects the historic plantation house ruins with the wooded space of the Old House Cemetery. Interpretive signs along the trail explore human and natural history and geography, celebrating South Carolina’s deep roots in European, Native American and West African cultures.

Port Royal Sound is the deepest natrual harbor in the Southeast. The Lowcountry, of which Spring Island is a part, consists of a jigsaw pattern of islands and tidal rivers fostering mild, long growing seasons. 

In early history, Europeans settlers and native peoples struggled to control the region. Plantation agriculture then brought slaves to tend fields of indigo, rice and Sea Island cotton. In 1862 the Sound’s strategic importance to the Confederacy resulted in a successful Union blockade. Such events have left their marks on the region’s modern-day landscape and culture.

Old House Cemetery Memorial

“All was silent on the plantation. The sun had gone down…suddenly a sharp persisent jingle broke the silence. It was the Praise House bell calling the peple of the plantation together for their evening ‘Praise’…”

  • The Penn School Papers

Spring Island

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