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In 2000, the developers turned the Island over to the Spring Island Club and the Property Owners’ Association. Spring Island’s unique governing structure was now in place. Elected members serve on the boards of both the POA and the Club. 

The Trust, governed by its own member-elected board, complements the responsibilities assigned to the POA and Club. The POA/Club board focuses on the traditional elements of the “human settlement” such as wise fiscal management, good infrastructure and high quality amenities. The Trust board focuses on the “nature elements,” protecting Spring Island’s natural setting and unique sense of place. This includes managing the 1,100 acres of nature preserves it owns, engaging members to protect Spring Island’s ecological and historical heritage and providing technical support to help the HRB and Stewardship Committee make well-informed decisions.

Although separate, the POA and Trust work closely together. The Trust staff provides technical assistance to the POA on landscaping and other nature-related issues, and POA staff handles many of the management activities, such as maintaining trails and disking fields in the nature preserves. To help facilitate communication between the two boards, the chair of each board serves on the other board.

In 2015, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Spring Island, the POA/Club and Trust Boards formally adopted an updated version of The Spring Island Philosophy and a set of core values to provide guidance for future generations about the management of the Island.

Spring Island is one of the most picturesque and historic sea islands on the Atlantic coast. Like a land frozen in time, its effect on all who see it is immediate and profound.

A phenomenon of nature, Spring Island has not been spoiled by civilization. For the three centuries that the Island was privately owned, its stewards helped to preserve, mold and

enhance the land with a gentle passion, which is everywhere evident today: along the

winding sandy roads; in the dense, primordial Live Oak Forest; in the many saltwater and freshwater ponds; and in the historic tabby ruins of the magnificent Edwards Mansion.

Now Spring Island residents preserve the natural surroundings that we have inherited so that we might take pleasure in the peaceful enjoyment of its marshes, forests and fields. This

restorative sense of solitude is furthered by the studied decision to set aside more than one-third of the Island’s extensive forests and fields as a nature preserve. Everything that is

natural and beautiful about the Island is being maintained, and human presence will always be subtle and unassuming.

Spring Island appeals most to those who come not to be seen, but to behold; they do not seek to be heard by others, but to listen to the special wisdom that only nature and history can impart. And yet, the Spring Island experience is more than just reflective. Top tier amenities, including dining, golf, tennis, fitness, clay range, arts and equestrian facilities, have been sensitively woven into the Island’s lush tapestry of woods, fields and trails.

Fishermen and boaters will find on the Island an abundance of fresh and salt water ponds, and the Island is surrounded by the tidal rivers of the spectacular Port Royal Sound, one of the nation’s cleanest coastal estuaries.

Spring Island provides educational experiences for members and others. These activities include weekly talks by visiting artists and naturalists, art workshops, musical and cultural events, as well as nature programs. In addition, a fully staffed Nature Center actively serves to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the natural surroundings we are privileged to share.

 As stewards of Spring Island, we recognize our obligation to perpetuate the preservation of this natural asset. The programs in place have been designed to ensure that future generations will carry on this philosophy, thus enabling them to enjoy the same unique attributes that first drew us here.

June 2015

 Spring Island is an active, intellectually stimulating community, one third of which is a nature preserve, where close friends enjoy each other and top tier amenities, surrounded by the richness of nature. We pride ourselves on the unique balance we have created.  We are committed to sustaining this special place. With this in mind, Spring Island has identified the following Core Values for use as a guide when considering future actions:

Stewardship: to protect and conserve Spring Island’s unique sense of place, its natural beauty, and historical heritage. 

Community: to sustain a close-knit, vibrant, private community whose members place a high priority on building lifelong friendships.

Enrichment: to support experiential and educational programs, reflecting our community’s ongoing interests in recreational, cultural, intellectual, environmental and artistic enrichment.    

Volunteerism: to embrace both on-island and off-island volunteer initiatives.  

Respect: to foster a culture that values, appreciates, and respects our members, guests, staff and environment.  

Transparency: to openly and honestly communicate and collaborate with our members and employees.  

Excellence: to offer top tier service and amenities to our members.  

Family: to promote multigenerational activities, our hallmark since the community’s inception.

June 2015

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